Trishaw Char Koay Teow Kuala Lumpur

Trishaw’s Char Koay Teow originates from a bona fide traditional trishaw CKT in Penang. The CKT “uncle” shared his secret soy sauce recipe and Trishaw are carrying on his legacy.

Their signature is the prawn char koay teow, with fresh juicy prawns that absorb the flavours of the marinade while being tossed together with the noodles over sufficient “wok hei”.

Why Trishaw Char Koay Teow taste special?

The most important ingredient in a CKT is the soy sauce used. They use a traditional hand-me-down homemade soy sauce recipe, along with own homemade dry shrimp paste and chili sauce. They do not take shortcuts but take every step to fry the CKT to perfection, enhancing the taste of the soy sauce and chili.

What ingredient do they have in Char Kway Teow?

Chinese sausage( lap cheong), fresh prawns or flower squid, pork lard, bean sprout, chives, and our special chili paste.

Another special ingredient included is their homemade dry shrimp chili paste that is incorporated into the char koay teow, adding another depth of flavour into the dish.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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