Izakayas has been the latest trend joining the japanese food scene in Malaysia and Toridoki is one amongst the list to distinguish itself from the others! Toridoki has the atmosphere of the typical Japanese Izakaya. With simplicity and humbleness, the interior utilizes counter space and booth seatings for those who prefer either privacy or a close up to the cooking process. 

The twist that hides behind what looks like the epitome of the most mainstream izakaya definitely lies in the food itself. Toridoki specializes in yakitori or freshly grilled chicken skewers. They used a charcoal grill for all of their skewers giving it a plumpy and juicy bite. 

So what’s so special about chicken skewers? At Toridoki, guests will be able to choose the part of the chicken that they want on their skewers. From chicken neck to soft bones. They offers eleven different parts of chicken for their house crafted yakitori.

Other than chicken skewers, Toridoki also offers a number of izakaya staples and side dishes such as edamame, tamagoyaki and chicken gyoza! At an Izakaya, everything goes well with beer and a couple of friends for company! 

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