Being non-relatable to The Fifth Wave movie, you have gotten yourselves a rather promising cafe named Thirdwave. Upon entering the cafe, there is this hipster vibe to it. Despite the simplicity of the decor and interior, their menu will certainly surprise you. This is no ordinary cafe that sells ordinary fare but the creativity of it really captures the attention of patrons. When you are given the menu, you are also cutely gifted a handmade fortune cookie as well to brighten up your day.

Now, if you are starting to get curious about the rather interesting choice of names they have given their menu, it is one of the rather intriguing ways to capture your attention to maybe experiment on their delicious creations. Putting main focus on seafood, you will be able to find more than a few dishes. Nevertheless, there are a handful of others that is definitely worth mentioning. One of it will be the Scotch Eggs where you are delighted with many representations of it. To have a general description, it is perfectly poached eggs being wrapped around by meat and nicely placed atop some comfortable vegetable bed.

Another dish is also quite the catch. Given the name Flourish Waffle, you can see why they have given it that name. Do not expect a simple waffle sandwiching some random ingredient like all common presentations of waffles. What you will get for this plate of goodness is having fruits decorated all over together with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. The kitchen really took the time and effort to arrange the fruits neatly in the spaces of the waffles. Other waffle combinations include the 'Duck, Waffle and Ice Cream' where you will receive a piece of duck drumstick on a well-cooked waffle together with ice cream that tastes like bacon.

Generally, their range of desserts is also one of the factors that encourages people to return. With portions that are innovative and pretty, it is hard to eat it and ruin the masterpieces.

If you are wondering, their coffees are all double-shot by default therefore if you are one that loves coffee, you are in for a worthy cup. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to feel the kick, this is a heads-up. The place is potentially available for any event organisation if you are interested. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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