Thim Kee is a stall located at a corner of Jalan 1/77C that offers one of the best tilapia fish dishes in Kuala Lumpur – steamed and fried. Even though parking can be quite a challenge here, people will always find a way to get their hands on those delightful dishes. Pudu Plaza car park is always an option for the loyal customers since the stall is placed opposite the mall. Since it is just a regular stall by the roadside, it is not the comfiest place for people to dine in. However, the joint is quite clean and mostly sheltered.


If you decide to have your meal here, you should definitely go for the fried and steamed tilapia. The moment it is served; you can instantly smell its delicious aroma. The fried tilapia is topped with a unique sweet and garlicky bean sauce. Texture wise, the deep fried fish is really crispy on the outside with fresh and tender meat on the inside.  Or you go for the healthier version of the dish – the herbal steamed tilapia. Apart from that, the butter squid is also one of the crowds’ favourite. It comes in a clay pot with melted butter. A few spices and curry leaves are also added to the dish, resulting in soft and tender squid with nice flavour.


Another recommended dish would be the fried chicken. The dish is unique due to the fact that it has a fusion of Vietnamese style lemon grass chicken and traditional Malay pandan chicken. It comes along with a sweet and spicy sauce to enhance the chicken flavour. Thim Kee is only available during day time and it is often sold out, so you might want to give them a call first before heading over.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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