The Steakhouse is an establishment by the all famous Werner Kuhn where it boasts of a 40-seater steak join along Changkat Bukit Bintang and adjacent to The Whisky Bar. Not much of a hidden area as it is placed around the city centre so if you’re around the bustling vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, head on over to The Steakhouse to devour a good hearty meal that’s sure to please your bellies. If you love good juicy grade A meat, you probably should get your hands on one of their meals here.

The restaurant fashions a pleasantly warm and cosy ambience that’s suitable for adults and groups. The house gives out quite a classy look with a buffalo skeleton as its logo. A rather trendy outlook for the exterior giving out a very Westernised setting as if you’re in Texas. Located along a sometimes busy street with a parking lot provided. Also, only a 5-minute walk from Bukit Bintang Monorail Station for those who live nearby the area. Lightings are quite dimly lit to kick in that relaxing atmosphere around. Available both indoor and outdoor seating giving customers a choice of enjoying the city view outside or sitting inside enjoying the cool air breeze from the air-conditions.

The menu features a wide variety but as always, focuses primarily on steak. Just so you know, the beef is imported from Australia and customers are able to choose between aged Black Angus and Grain Fed which are the type of cattle meat used in their cookery. Customers are then able to choose from five cuts – medallion, tenderloin, rib-eye , T-bone and striploin after which you choose a sauce (bérnaise, black pepper, red wine etc) and style of potatoes; baked, mashed, wedges are usually the favourite picks. All steaks ordered are accompanied with grilled vegetable, tomato salsa and onion rings. The meat is tenderly grilled to perfection in a style popularised by Argentinians.

And what is a steakhouse without a fine selection of wines? Here, the curated list does nothing but complement the gamey goodness and does tickle a little intimacy, parring to the backdrop.

After having a satisfying meal, Forbidden City is the perfect vintage glam house for music lovers to enjoy. Performed by local and international artists bringing you different genres of music. Perfect for night out with friends or you love ones and to the ardent connoisseurs around.