Established in late 2015, The Private Room hit doors in Kuala Lumpur as the first speakeasy wine bar in the nation. Adapting the true definition of 'speakeasy' that are basically establishments that sold alcohol illegally during the Prohibition era, locating The Private Room can be quite task. Rest assured, however, that once found you would find yourself in a hidden gem tucked away in TTDI. The bar ultimately prides itself in its unique concept that is distinctive from other speakeasy bars around Malaysia. Firstly, The Private Room primarily focuses on wine. With that said, you will be able to find wine-based cocktails and also ready-to-take-home bottles of exquisite wine that you might not find elsewhere. The liquor selection process is led by two of the best sommeliers in Malaysia in which one was awarded the best of the best in 2015, literally. In terms of design, this speakeasy is beautifully lit with warm lights and dark hues in the presence of reflective glass bottles throughout the bar. At the entrance, you will find a mechanical lock that requires visitors to enter a password to access. You can find that password on The Private Room's Facebook page or simply by calling in to make a reservation. The Private Room does not have an outdoor seating but there are two (even more) private rooms of smoking areas – each may fit up to 15 people. Therefore, if you're coming in a big group of smokers, your best bet is to make a prior reservation to ensure you get to access that limited space entirely for your party. In terms of food, choices are limited but alluring at the same time. The menu is of delicious fares that pair well with wine such as air-flown Spanish iberico pork with truffle oil and porky fries.

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