The Library Coffee & Bar @ Avenue K City Center

Prior to the revamp of The Library Coffee & Bar at Avenue K, the brand used to be a bar. With a recent makeover, it has changed into a coffee house while still serving alcohol in the mix of coffee. With a new mission, this particular coffee bar is lifestyle coffee bar chain known for its casual cool retro interior adorned with comfortable furniture, cushioned sofa with mismatched pillows and warm dimmed lights to ensure a cosy ambience to every visit. The Library serves an array list of coffee, food and books (since it is a “Library” after all).

There is a variety of Western dishes and light bites to fill your empty stomach with. One can go no wrong with their selection of sandwiches such as Bee-licious Chick and Italian Masterpiece made of a toothsome layer of genoa salami, chicken ham, pepperoni, all-natural mozzarella, black olives, lettuce, tomato, onions and vinaigrette all sandwiched between Panini bread. If you are a pasta person, go back to basic with their Chicken Bolognese, Chicken Carbonara or Veggie Delight for vegetarians. Salads and puff pastry bites are also available.

You may want to indulge on their signature waffles while you read your favourite book. Let The Library kick it old school with their Wonder Waffle which is a classic combination of honey, butter and waffles. For a hit of fresh flavour, go for their Berries Waffle and for a Nutella filled treat, Nuttitella Waffle with crunchy nuts atop a gooey slather of hazelnut chocolate spread can cater joy for you. To celebrate your love for bananas, indulge on their Bananatella Waffle. Other desserts such as the molten lava cake and mille crepe cakes are available.

Complete your hearty meal at The Library with of course their coffee, juice, Matcha Latte, Luxurious Chocolate, Espresso shaes, Kaffeine Koolers and more.