The setting of The Kitchen located in Melia Kuala Lumpur has a very quiet yet comfortable atmosphere. Furnished and decorated with white dining tables and black dining chairs, the wooden flooring and white ceilings with soft lights shining gives a relaxing and cozy dining atmosphere to the diners. The space of the room is organized accordingly with the food stations on one side and the other side being the dining area. The natural light that comes through the glass windows brought the whole room with a touch of warmth while during the night, the sufficient lighting in the room complements the night lights outdoor.

 Although the interior of the place is less glamorous and luxurious and more towards a simple design, The Kitchen makes it up by providing their diners with quality food served in their international buffets as well as their a la carte menu. Similar to every other international buffets, The Kitchen offers a fair share of international cuisines as well as local delights produced with fresh ingredients to give their diners the best dining experience.

Start your meal with some bread at the bread corner which gives you the options from buns and baguettes. If you are opting for something healthier, do give their salad bar a try where you can personalized your own bowl of salad according to your preference. Some of the must tries in their international buffet would definitely be the classic local food Satay which received quite a few good comments. Other than that, also try out their black pepper crab and beef stew which are some of the favourites of their customers. A meal is never done without desserts, head to their dessert station to get yourself some puddings, cakes, macarons or tarts.

In a nutshell, The Kitchen in Melia Kuala Lumpur although small but they compensate with their quality food.