If you happen to be an avid cyclist and a coffee drinker at the same time, consider paying The Grumpy Cyclist a visit. Avid cyclists alike gather here for a meet up or most of the time, to have a cup of coffee while together here to talk about their next cycling adventure and surely you can too. More of a gathering place for cyclists and a meet up place for their weekly adventures, you may think that the café would be pushed aside. Well, that is not true. Being a specialty coffee house, coffee here is taken very seriously.

With beans originating from farms and plantations all around the world, you can almost be certain that each cup of coffee will not disappoint your taste buds with the flavourful and aromatic coffee, whether with milk or without milk. The usual cups includes, the café lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites as well as the long blacks and Americanos. Food is also not missed out. If you happen to be looking for brunch or simply just in the mood, do try out their very generous portion big breakfast set. It includes, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, your choice of eggs, beef bacon, sausages and toasts. 

Their very popular omelette dish, The Gran Fondo is definitely one that can make your tummy very happy. It consists of, mushrooms, sunny side up eggs, sausages, bacon, slices of toast and baked beans. A variety of cakes are also available. And for late eaters, not to worry, this café is up and running until 11 at night.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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