Pampering our palates is the main piece, yet to hit all senses with a pinnacle of pleasure, ambiance, hospitality and presentations is what completes the puzzle. Predominantly International and Western fare usher such delightful moment, however, the 39 Restaurant has been fascinating followers with traditional Malay delicacies in a highbrow experience since the year 2005.

Make your way up to the 39th floor and upon entering, be hypnotised by the swanky settings that steal the spotlight with touches of authentic Malay decorations. There are two dining space, the air-conditioned indoor and al-fresco rooftop area that rewards a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur which is utterly breathtaking. It’s a feast for photography enthusiasts all day long; it’s balmy and beautiful during lunch while the city comes alive with colours when the sun goes down.

The menu is downright Malay delicacies which are presented voguishly, matching the spectacular atmosphere. Among the crowd pleasers are Ayam Golek Perchik (traditional grilled chicken marinated with rich spices), Siakap 3-Rasa (Barramundi in three flavours), Otak-Otak, Mango Kerabu, Rusuk Kambing Kurma (braised lamb with kurma which is served with pineapple curry and ghee rice). The flavours just charm your palate at every bite, plus each platter teleports you to different rural parts of Malaysia where these authentic dishes originated. Captivating colours and unique presentations just elevate your salivation and admiration before heading into your mouth.

Living by the rule of Malay cuisine, alcohols are not served, therefore, the classics are the contenders to accompany your food, be it Teh Tarik or Milo Ais, and you have it. It’s a true blue Malay gastronomical ride in a whole new luxurious level, not to be missed.

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