Not your typical mashed potato - this should be TatoTato's motto. Dedicating their whole menu to the glorious and smooth mashed potato, TatoTato, now has three outlets in Klang Valley. The one located at Cheras Leisure Mall is right next to the entrance nearest to Taman Mutiara MRT Station.

With minimalistic concept of decorations - adorned with yellow and black coloured furnitures and walls, TatoTato brings a unique dining experience to their customers: Dining on top of a barrel!

The mashed potato offered here has a vibrant mixture of toppings (Yes, they are very Instagram-worthy!) and takes you on a walk of wonder. There are two types of mashed potato, which are classic original (without melted cheese) and signature flavour (topped with cheese). The toppings selections that you can choose to include with your mash are Cheesy Octopus, Cheesy Shrimp, Cheesy Smoke Duck, and Cheesy Crab Stick.

If you are craving for something filling yet light to munch while having a good time catching up, Nachos Tato is a perfect choice. Comprises of savoury crunchy nachos and smooth mashed potato covered in glorious gravy, you will surely be reaching out for more.

For those who are not very keen with idea of chunking a bowl of mashed potato down for a meal, Potato Sandwich may be your answer. It is served with different protein varieties (chicken ham, sausage, octopus, and shrimp). They provide Tofu Sandwich for vegetarian option too.

Head over to TatoTato now and get a bowl of the gratifying royalty that comes in the shape of mashed potato nearest to you today.