Nestled at a rather prime location in the midst of Bukit Bintang, Tarbush can cook up a storm while catering up to 200 guests at any given time. Rendering potential patrons with the ultimate Middle Eastern vibe as you walk in the restaurant, Tarbush boasts an impressive Middle Eastern (Arabic & Lebanese) menu ranging from soups, appetisers, main courses right down to desserts. Yes, for those partial to Middle Eastern cuisines, Baklavas are readily available here at Tarbush!  As any rate, as one of the top choices food aficionados can go for when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, Tarbush promises nothing short of a comprehensive and immersive dining experience right in the heart of KL.

In terms of food, the portions served are great for sharing -rejoice, big eaters; as you can expect from most Middle Eastern cuisines. That being said, as a Middle Eastern restaurant, Tarbush's specialities are their Shish Kebab, Briyani lamb and Hommus Beiruti, to name a few. It's a must to have bread with hommus when you're in Tarbush. For those who are would like to take a few puffs, Shisha sessions are available here and is usually a crowd puller, especially amongst the younger ones.

Tarbush offers a great option for wining in a more relaxed environment as well, with its ample selection of fine wine. If you're strictly on a non-alcoholic gastronomic rendezvous, you can opt instead to wash down the exceptionally huge meal you just had with Tarbush's speciality Arabic tea. This will surely cleanse your palate and as and added note, the teas are a great pairing to the Baklava served there. If you prefer a lighter bite with a sweeter aftertaste, try the Mahalabia, a little special treat for those sweet tooth, spiced just right with cardamom pods.

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