Among the roots of Tamarind Hills, Tamarind Springs is a to-go place to slow down, spend some time with our loved ones and dig in delicacies of Indochinese cuisine. They have several branches across Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore. It’s only 15 minutes away from town but stepping into this secluded establishment just transports you into a whole new world. Tamarind Springs is surrounded by lush greenery, artistic sculptures, dim lightings, thatched roof dining spaces and attentive service; it’s truly a multisensory delight. This justifies the series of awards that adores part of the walls in the dining area. 

The menu itself is amazing, it’s a mélange of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand cuisines, everything is made with fresh and the presentation deserves applause. If you’re confused, feel free to seek the staffs that are approachable and has a vast knowledge of the food they serve with pride. As per the regulars, kick start with their Symphony of Starters, which includes Cambodian-style deep-fried shrimp cake, Vietnamese shrimp crystal rolls, lemongrass prawns and minced chicken on cinnamon sticks, it’s all mouthwatering good. Another star of the show is their Laotin deep-fried perch in spicy sauce, fresh fish infused in a spicy sauce that tickles your taste buds. Vietnamese pan-fried pesto, snakehead fish roe crisp, Phnom Penh wagyu beef lok lak with black pepper and lime are worth devouring too.

While breezy winds ruffling through your hair, hypnotized by rippling water and heaps of greens, have a glass of wine once your tummy is chock-full with Indochinese goodness. A great aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

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