Tabe Tomo is the very first in the city to serve up Modern Japanese food, thoughtfully prepared for people looking for something new from the well-loved cuisine. Tabe Tomo is meant by "eating buddies". The vision of the restaurant comes from their passion for quality food and drinks, and a celebration of a good friendship. Tabe Tomo will be a space for everyone to share food and drinks with their friends during any occasion, whether happiness, sadness or just because they wanted to hang out and be with each other.

It aims to bring people together over a good meal and quality drinks. Passion for the process is the ethos of the kitchen, where precision extends to even the slightest technique used for cutting produce when cooking. The results, a unique dining experience that immediately feels both visionary and timeless.

The latter is supplied by the restaurant’s distribution company, Nomi Tomo Sake. The interior is spacious with warm lighting, and private dining sections are available upon reservation. Private celebration and meeting made easy as this restaurant could cather wide range of patron.

Yakitori is clearly the main feature of Tabe Tomo Japanese style skewers, grilled over charcoal fire till juicy perfection. The menu is modern and also offers other non-yakitori items, like chicken stew, croquette and mentai udon. Tabe Tomo brings faultlessly fresh and vibrant flavours to culinary enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Classic favourites like chicken yakitori and wagyu beef sits alongside signature dish and house specials that cannot be found anywhere else.

Nestled in the heart of the highly social Plaza Batai, Tabe Toma warmly invites anyone looking to enjoy an uncomplicated and delicious meal with friends and family. Absolutely a modern touch of Japan cruise for people who is looking for something new with a modern touch.