Syafa Curry House Taman Sri Kuching

Curry, curry, curry. If curry is what you love, then yo ha've got to head down over to Syafa Curry House. Though it may not be the most authentic Indian restaurant out there, they actually offer a pretty decent array of curries. Be it fish, lamb, chicken or mutton - they are all done quite nicely with a good heap of heat. 

Syafa Curry House is pretty much a mamak in most aspect, from the design of the place to the choices of seats used, kitchen outlook and outright everything else. Heck, even the menu offers a variety of mamak delights. 

Having said that, it is not exactly a bad thing as most of the dishes here are pretty good. Some of the specialties (or signature if you will) includes Indomee double, thosai, roti telar, maggi and mee goreng, cheese naan and, nasi goreng. Just by that alone, the menu seems to have quite a strong variety. 

Last but not least, the service here is rather friendly as well. Come here often enough and you'll pretty much be friends with the 'abang' and he will bring you your order as fast as he can. In any case, they may forget and you might have to remind them but overall, it is all good.

All and all, Syafa Curry House is a great place to not only chill and relax pass the Cinderella's clock, it is also a decent place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With its variety of items on the menu, it is truly difficult to simply select an item of choice, though your orders would most likely be the same each time.