Sweet Garden Coffee Shop City Center

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, many coffee shops are found at almost every corner. One in particular, where it can be located in Jalan Kijang, is Sweet Garden Coffee Shop. It has been in business for several years and still has been up and running until to today. Although this coffee shop may not be one that has a particular best dish, however, this coffee shop has been one to serve quite a few dishes that are pretty decent.


The coffee shop’s setting is nothing other than your typical coffee shop setting. Its large green signboard placed above the shop is surely not to be missed. The interior is plainly designed plainly like a Chinese restaurant. Posters and advertisements are posted everywhere around the pillars and walls of the coffee shop. Hawker stalls are arranged around front are of the coffee shop for customers to order their meals easily. Round wooden tables and chairs are arranged around, ample space for customers to sit around. The entire coffee shop is covered to shield customers from the heat and sun.


Sweet Garden Coffee Shop serves a variety of good dishes. Some of the dishes served are chicken rice, clay pot yee mee, meatball noodles, chilli pan mee, fast mixed rice as well as Hakka cuisine. All these dishes served under one roof, price and service are fair. What’s more, you get a choice to try out as many dishes from different hawker stalls.  


So, if you’re around KL not in for the luxury dining style, not fussy with environment or high-end food or just in for a budget meal, head on over here and I’m sure you’ll be able to satisfy yourself with a good meal.   

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