Sup Tulang Janda Baik Kuala Lumpur

The classic Mamak delicacy of sup tulang is certainly one of the more underrated dishes when it comes to the cuisine. This can come of as no surprise considering it’s more rustic charm and overwhelming flavours. Locals regularly enjoy this dish for its strong cumin and spice broth that has stewed large boned chunks of mutton or beef to the point of tenderness, and until the marrow has been partially infused into the unique broth, which can be further extracted during the meal. One of the premier spots in Kuala Lumpur to have this delicacy is Sup Tulang Janda Baik, located nearby the TUDM Military Aviation camp off Jalan Istana.

This roadside stall serves their rendition of sup tulang usually with a generous amount of the broth, with two large chunks of braised meat in it. Customers can also have a decent portion of noodles added to their bowl or a plate of steaming hot white rice to go along with their bowl of sup tulang. The other great thing is that chicken soup is also available here, which is also served in a similar fashion to that of the sup tulang; with the same broth being used with two large boned chicken pieces used in place of the red meat.

For a much lighter snack. Sup Tulang Janda Baik also has smaller items to munch on like pisang goreng and a few others. In short, if you’re looking to experience some of the best sup tulang in town, very few deliver the goods like Sup Tulang Janda Baik.