Sup Meletup 24 Jam Kuala Lumpur

Sup Meletup 24 Jam is a roadside establishment at Bandar Tasik Selatan selling, as you may have guessed it, soups. Whatever soup you can think of, they have it. Usual soups, soups with noodles, soup with rice, their stock of soup never seem to run out. 24-hour shops are not as abundant as one might think. It is not easy to make services available at all times and for a soup based shop to do such a thing is a feat on its own. The soups here are constantly boiling on top of never ending fire to ensure quality soup to come out every single time. Walking in, customers could see big cauldrons holding the soup and all its goodness together, and if you stand close enough, you could feel the ’explosive’ heat.

For something light, just go for the normal soup with choice of chicken or beef. Then there’s also a soup with parts like the Sup Tulang. To add more kick to your soup condiments of chilli sauce and soy sauce that is not like your average sauces. For a slightly heavier meal, go for the soup with various noodles; thin rice noodles, yellow noodles, and strip rice noodles, according to your preference. If you’re looking to have a full meal, a bowl of hot soup with a plate of hot white rice is the way to go. One of the best option to have here is the Nasi Ayam. If you’re one of those people who love Nasi Ayam but is always disappointed with the side of soup, this place would satisfy you like no other. During lunch or dinner, be prepared to wait for some time as crowds can grow by the bunch. They also offer other hot meal options like fried rice served with a bowl of piping hot soup.