KL folks will always drop the name ‘Steven’s Corner’ every time someone mentioned about ‘mamak’ restaurant. The South Indian eatery started in 1977 just as a roadside stall, but became popular over the years until they expand into a 3 outlet-chain. Opens 24 hours every day, this mamak joint has become the ‘it’ place for late-night clubbers or other KL residents to have a great glass of Teh Tarik.


Even though it is a more popular place for banana leaf rice, the cheese naan served here is also considered as one of the best in town with its layers and layers of thick cheese along with its crispy crust. The dish is so good but yet so sinfully calorific, even the ones on diet cannot resist its cheesiness. Apart from that, their delicacies are exquisitely good with the use of the best spices from India in order to maintain their identity for serving authentic Indian gastronomy.

If you are around for lunch, don’t forget to try their never ending list of curry dishes. Take a peek at their display counter to choose your favourite types of curry to complement your plate of warm rice. Among the popular selections by the regulars are the Dry chicken curry, Dry mutton curry, Potato-pea-cauliflower patties, Crisp-fried bitter gourd, Stir-fried spinach and dhal lentils, Stir-fried cabbage, and Okra and tofu puffs curry. The curry dishes are spicy but very delectable.  


Due to the big crowd, the service can be a bit slow in order to make all the multiple orders. If you are up for a visit to Steven’s Corner to experience the delicious cheese naan, don’t forget to pair it with Shakalaka Boom Boom. Yup, it is an actual drink.