Square Q café is not your typical waffle joint. Square Q café fashions a vibrant hue of yellow along with a cheerful contrast of pink and blue creating a fun yet cosy atmosphere while you get a bite of their Square Q waffles. Their waffles may look like a waffle but they are in actual fact not. Instead of the usual waffle recipe of baking powder and wheat flour, the Taiwanese-inspired waffle-shaped sweet treat is made with milk and glutinous rice flour instead for its enjoyably chewy texture on the inside yet delightfully crispy on the outside.

Square Q café offers not only their Square Q waffles but also Weekend Brunch Buffet fit for a wonder filled weekend with your family or friends. Help yourself to their spread of Cheese Cake Slices, fresh baked pastries ranging of buttery croissants, buns, puff pastries, sausages, Chicken ham, sunny side up eggs, Sour Dough bread and more.

Other than their Weekend Brunch Buffet, you can also enjoy their Big Breakfast, Croissant Breakkie, Homemade Patty Chicken Mini Burger, Taiwan Braised Chicken Rice as well as Q-Egg Toast, their rendition of French Toast.

Of course waffles are a staple here at Square Q café. Do not pass on their signature waffle platter that serves seven flavours of original (milk), chocolate, banana, green tea, coffee, cranberry and yoghurt with two scoops of gelato along with oranges, berries, kiwi and bananas. Aside waffles, there is the Very Nutty – Q-Bowl with peanut Butter choco Gelato, Peanut Butter Mascarpone Cream Cheese, Banana Slice, Dried Banana Flakes, Peanut Nibs and Chocolate sauce.

As for drinks, their range of coffee is the seamless pair for your meal. Along with coffee, they also serve a variety of tea, mocktail iced tea, milkshakes, pure juices as well as artisan yoghurt.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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