Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen & Fishmonger Bangsar


Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant, a family-run specialist fishmonger, is one of the forefront seafood restaurants in Malaysia. Not only do they serve really fresh seafood, they sell them in their grocery section too. Prominently recognised as the organiser for the annual SHUCKED Oyster Festival, this restaurant serves the best oysters air-flown from the pristine Southern Oceans around Australia and cold waters of northern Europe. 

Oysters yield their own nose, body, and finish just as how each wine is different in flavour in accordance to the geography, soil, and climate of a vineyard. Best enjoyed with Guiness and white wine, their best-selling Tragheanna Bay, Irish Premium and Holland Creuses No.3 each brings distinctive umami flavour.
(Note: Umami is the Japanese word for “the essence of deliciousness”, fifth category of taste)

Not to mention the Gallagher Specials, grown by their friend Edward Gallagher, which have wonderful sweetness with mineral hints that makes you feel like, as the French poet Leon-Paul Fargue puts it, “kissing the sea on the lips”. Grown over four years in wild and beautiful Donegal, the Ireland Gallagher Specials are smooth, plump and have variety of textures. These oysters are considered having the highest Flavour, Saltiness, Sweetness, and Umami scores.

If you are unsure about which booze complements your choice of oysters the best, their staffs are more than happy to help.

This year’s full-scale
SHUCKED Oyster Festival which will feature the Malaysian Shucking Finals will be held on September 2, 2018. To  double  the fun,  buy your F&B vouchers online  at  for  a cheeky  35 percent  discount on festival  tickets – only RM35 (RM55 for walk-in purchase). There will be plethora of seafood and other premium foods, as well as a well-stocked bar and several bands. It will be a  fun festival for families with the presence of Stanley the Clown and ice-cream to keep the kids entertained.

Amidst all the oyster-hype stood a legendary Mussel Laksa which has become another signature of this exquisite diner. The dish, as its name suggests, features premium plump Australian mussels with Malaysian all-time fave laksa broth. Served alongside the impeccable delight is fresh oven-hot bread that ensures that succulent laksa sauce doesn’t go to waste.