Kuala Lumpur has probably the best skyline that the locals are proud of and the tourists who have experienced it themselves have given the stamp of approval. Ever wondered how it would feel like to dine near the skies? Well, at the SkyBar in Traders hotel, you get to encounter the exact breath-taking scenery that you only see through well-taken photographs.

Upon entering the skybar located on the 33rd floor, you get a clear view of the twin-towers; the pride and joy of Malaysia. You also get the view of the whole landscape of KL, the parts that you never knew were so small. Usually there are different drinks served like some crafted cocktails or some would love to go with beers. SkyBar offers a range of finger food as well for your mouth to munch on other than feasting your eyes. Order their SkyBar basket where you will get a number of fried fritters to share while accompanied by your alcoholic drinks.

The open air lounge allows guests to sprawl against the backdrop of the gleaming Twin Towers as they feast on the addictive drinks and bar snacks. The uber-modern design of large sunken alcoves, windows and tables around the pool never fails to impress. There is an indoor pool for you to lounge in if you ever feel like having a swim while not feeling too far from the beautiful view. There are lounging areas right at the sides so your family members or friends can sit comfortably on the cushions.

Why not take some time off and invite your loved ones to have some champagne and enjoy a romantic time here? They have multiple offers every day but the one that captures the attention of many is their Retro Happy Hours that happen every Monday and Tuesday. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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