Craving for some Peranakan style cooking but too lazy to drive to Malacca? Look no further because Sarang Cookery is located at Kuala Lumpur. This little restaurant on Jalan Galloway serves authentic Peranakan cuisine, from the fragrant Nasi Ulam to Malacca's famous Asam Pedas!

This restaurant really has a welcoming vibe when you walk in, and the interior is nice too. They even have a cabinet that is used to store food. This method is used by our ancestors a long time ago. Their Nasi Ulam is obviously the first thing you have to try when coming here. Served with more than 15 herbs, this dish will give u the fragrant and fresh taste from the herbs when you eat it. What's even more interesting is all the herbs are from their own backyard. Nasi Ulam Next, the Nonya Laksa, what a Peranakan restaurant if they don't serve this Nyonya style Laksa. The gravy is the outstanding component in this dish. It's so creamy, fatty and has the best consistency. Best to be eaten with sambal for a little bit of heat. Nyonya Laksa Now, Asam Pedas and Nyonya are very synonymous.

At Sarang Cookery, their Asam Pedas is cooked with their homegrown herbs which makes it one of the most authentic and delicious Asam Pedas that can be found in KL. Customers can choose what fish they want to be cooked as Asam Pedas. The fishes that available are Sea Bass (Siakap), Pomfret (Bawal) and Mackerel (Tenggiri). Asam Pedas (Pomfret) Their Kari Kapitan also is one of the popular dishes at this restaurant. This historical dish is chicken curry that has a consistency like rendang but not as spicy as rendang, is best to be eaten with white rice.

Mee Siam is one of the Peranakan community specialty so there's no doubt that this dish made its way into Sarang Cookery's menu. This thin rice vermicelli is inspired or adapted from Thai flavours which explain the spicy and sour taste in this dish. Mee Siam With all these main courses, it's hard not to order some sides or snacks.

Sarang Cookery offers Lobak, an authentic Nonya or Peranakan snacks. These super yummy Lobak (are made with beancurd sheets, chicken meat, and spices. They are deliciously crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Lobak is also served with fried tofu, fresh cucumbers, and dipping sauces, which are sambal and soy sauce

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