Sala Sabaii is a recently opened Thai food stall in Taman Taynton View’s 118 KK Food Court. The chefs reside from Thailand so you can expect to be served a fully pure authentic Thai food. It is also said that the recipes are not tweaked any bit to adjust to the local taste because they want to maintain their originality of Thai cuisine.


The restaurant’s location is a tad bit measly but still kept neat and proper. The dining environment is rather normal and since it's sort of an open air kind of food court, it may get slightly smoky and hot especially when your food is cooking. The tables are quite big and are able to fit 8 people nicely on one table which are perfect for groups and big families. Although Sala Sabaii is a small corner of a food court, some may not find it an ideal place for a cooling and relaxing area. 


The menu features a Thai steamboat and barbeque style that’s utterly stunning and deliciously good. Serves the best and freshest quality for vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. Aside from the fish balls and meat balls that are processed the rest of your meals are freshly served to you. The traditional Thai BBQ (Mookata) is one of the specialities here. A similar concept to BarBQ Plaza but you have a bigger space of scooping that good taste soup up and much more ingredients are put inside the soup. You could opt for the mix set which includes both meat and seafood or the seafood set if you’re unable to decide. The BBQ Salt Baked Fish (fresh ocean tilapia) is also one of their popular dishes. There’s also the Jim Jum which is a hot pot dish where you dip and drop food into a small clay pot on a stove.


A place that’s worth a try. If you live to eat and quality of food, taste and reasonable pricing are your forte then Sala Sabaii will be the best place to visit. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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