S’mores is a restaurant and bar located at Bangsar South, near the Pantai Hillpark (not to be confused by the American dessert made of marshmallows, chocolate and Graham crackers). Having opened up in 2010, this establishment prides itself on having a chill out environment with lush surroundings. They also pride themselves on serving up the best priced and quality food, beers and wine around the town everyday of the week. This claim can’t be far from the truth at it is a common sight to see S’mores packed with patrons, if not for the food, it will likely be for the drinks.

The selection of food at S’mores is a wide one to say the least. Customers can enjoy Western dishes like steaks, pizzas, pastas, burgers, and pork knuckles; to Asian dishes like Hainanese pork chops, Idako Kimchi, Cha Soba, and much more.

For those with a smaller appetite, you can help yourself to some soup and a few finger foods. These finger foods also span a wide spectrum with Western items like French fries, spicy wedges, Buffalo wings, and nachos; to Asian items like miso salmon, chicken yakitori, and squid teppanyaki to name a few.

The dessert menu is just as extensive with treats like chocolate lava cake, ice cream and tiramisu for the enjoyment of the sweet tooths. Being a bar, it is only natural to have a wide variety of drinks to be had at S’mores. The beers here are the main attraction, with brands like Hoegaarden, Erdinger, Franziskaner, Leffe, and much more to show for it.

So head on down to S’mores for great food and great drinks. These will go well with the regularly programmed EPL match on display at the establishment.