It all begins in 2003, where RT Pastry House is first opened within the neighbourhood area of Taman Desa in Kuala Lumpur. From the outlook, it may look like your average bakery shop. But you’ll be surprised that this otherwise tiny setting has enjoyed tremendous success over the decade. Here, many baked goods often sold out like hot cakes and long queue is also a common sight at RT Pastry House in Taman Desa.

So, what is the secret behind the successful endeavour of RT Pastry House? First of all, every baked goods ranging from breads, cakes and pastries are freshly baked from scratch on a daily basis using quality ingredients. Best of all, it contains no added preservatives and artificial flavourings. Beyond that, you will find a variety of baked goods served in a unique fusion of Japanese and Taiwanese style. For instance, if you are a green tea lover, RT Pastry House offers one of the best green tea dessert selections ever tasted in Klang Valley. Whether you opt for cream cake, Swiss roll, chiffon or cheese stick varieties, it has a robust taste of green tea flavour that matches well with the sweetness of red beans.

Today, RT Pastry House can be seen in various outlets throughout the Klang Valley area alone such as Subang Jaya, Puchong and Klang. For those who visited the Subang Jaya outlet in the famous SS15 area, there is a café where you can bring over your baked goods purchased from the bakery shop next door. Alternatively, you can enjoy the café’s menu offering such as pasta, sandwich and assorted hot drinks including Nutella Cappuccino as well as Matcha Latte.