Chinese food is just one of the best Asian cuisines that will leave you with a burst of flavours to your taste buds. Restoran Woo Ng Kee has been in the long run for over two decades and still currently in good business because of its authentic style of traditional food. From a once humble roadside stall has now become a successful restaurant and still remains to be one of the best Chinese cuisines in KL. If you’re out and about in KL in the mood for good Chinese food, just head on over to this fine eatery and you won’t be in disappointment.


The restaurant is located in Jalan E3/7, Kepong, however, when venturing to this restaurant many have found that this particular restaurant was not as easy to find. It is like a hidden gem situated deep within city. It will be slightly more difficult if you are not familiar with the roads in Kepong. The restaurant’s signboard is placed right above restaurant itself lit brightly so you surely can see it from afar. The restaurant’s designed like an olden day setting. With old photos hung up around the walls of the restaurant gives a nostalgic ambience. The arrangement seating of the restaurant is about the same as any other Chinese restaurant you would visit.


Woo Ng Kee’s signature dish are mainly their roasted meat such as the roast duck, pei pa duck (duck is roasted butterflied on both sides) and roast chicken. Aside from their roast meat, there’s also a few other popular dishes such as the traditional cold platter, the Pig Dog Friends, Kwah Fah Chi (shark fin with crab meat and scrambled eggs), Chinese style curry fish, tofu with minced pork and the ever famous ‘ Mei Lan, Mei Lan, Wo Ai Ni’, a combination of stir-fried kalian with minced pork and mustard cabbage.  


Overall the the dishes served are truly delectable and seasoned to perfection and you sure won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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