Restoran Wong Mei Kee populates one of the best crispy ‘Siu Yoke’ (roast pork) in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Located right at the corner shop along Jalan Nyonya in the close range behind Shaw Parade you’ll be able to locate it. If you’re not really familiar with the roads in KL just hit up Google Maps, Waze or your trusty old GPS to direct you to the restaurant. Although the price is marked up pretty high, there’s always a large crowd waiting to devour the sensationalised ‘Siu Yoke’ every time.


Being built at the corner of a shop lot, the restaurant is able to add extra tables and chairs outside on each corner as there’s usually a lot of people waiting to eat in. The interior is pretty much a classic old Kopitiam shop where dozens of old pictures, newspaper cutouts about their restaurants and there’s even supposedly a picture of the owner receiving a recognition as a Dato.


As mentioned Wong Mei Kee’s signature the ‘Siu Yoke’. Although it is their signature, the Siu Yoke is said to be only available starting from 12.30pm onwards and they’re sold by the strips. It takes about a minimum of 15 minutes to wait for the signature dish to be served. Take note that the Siu Yoke is pretty costly so try not going all beast mode on the roasted pork. The barbequed honey glazed Char Siu was preferably an okay dish for most customers. The roasted chicken rice, however, was said to be pretty delicious and probably voted as the underdog of the other dishes.


If you’re keen on visiting this place, it is advisable that you arrive after 1.30pm especially on weekends to avoid the long wait.