Middle Eastern cuisine never ceases to be a hit in Malaysia especially when the popularity of mandy rice has raised popularity since beginning of year 2000 and ever since Middle Eastern eatery has been mushrooming all over Malaysia hence the name Restoran Suria come into being. Tucked amid the busyness of an old heritage road name Chow Kit, Restoran Suria was established by a Syrian man that made his first step into the heart of Kuala Lumpur many years back. Being in the middle of the city centre, one must have thought that this restaurant would be dearly high priced but in fact it is the exact opposite considering that many high end Middle Eastern restaurants would fairly priced their menu at a higher price than the usual dish. But of course, portioning is never a problem when it comes to Arabian dishes so it is safe to say that any plate of Middle Eastern cuisine would be back for a buck.

Restoran Suria on the other hand really provides its customers with the most delicate authenticity of Turkish and Arabian delights at a cheaper price some would claim but the taste does not at all deteriorated. Selections of delicious cuisine are available ranging from the classic chicken mandy with a choice of mandy or khabsah rice to the ever folks favourite, the shawarma. Apparently the name ‘Suria’ is a term for the word Syria that the owner is referring to his own birthplace. Interestingly, the facade of the restaurant is not exactly awe inspiring but that does not justify the comfortable and pleasant settings of the inside with air conditioners tucked on every walls. All in all, Restoran Suria is an absolute Middle Eastern gem that simply cannot be missed.