Located right beside the OUG morning market is Restoran Sun Sea, a restaurant that houses numerous food stalls that have a decent amount of recognition such as the Penang curry mee stall, the popiah stall, the pan mee stall, and a few others. However, it is without a doubt that the one stall that attracts the most customers to the restaurant is the pork noodle stall. People like to come on a Sunday morning or afternoon just to have their serving of this pork noodles, even if it means having to deal with parking issues that are almost impossible to deal with. On top of this, it is not unusual to find every single table in the restaurant having at least a number of these bowls.

When it comes to what goes into one of these bowls of porcine goodness, the one thing that becomes abundantly obvious is the use of seafood ingredients like prawns and squid. It has been said on numerous occasions that the addition of these seafood ingredients helps to give the dish a slight sweetness which is balanced well with the richness of the pork broth; which can't be said of the other stalls out there that sell pork noodles. These seafood ingredients are placed on top of the noodles together with the quintessential pork pieces that make up a good bowl of pork noodles such as slivers, minced meat, innards and pork lard.

So if you're ever in Taman OUG and are looking for a great bowl of pork noodles, head down to Restoran Sun Sea.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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