Restoran Good Taste Taman Connaught Kuala Lumpur

Located in Taman Connaught, the Good Taste Seafood Restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes where one dish can be shared by 2 people. It is definitely a place meant for family gatherings as most of the tables have around 8-10 seats. They have dishes of different kinds of meat; fish, chicken, pork, assorted seafood and even frog!

Their Thai butter deep fried tilapia is a must have! The fish is first coated with multiple layers of egg prior to frying. The fish is then deep fried till the skin becomes thick and crispy. The egg coating causes the skin to be the consistency of meat floss which adds to the crunchiness of the fish.

Their sweet and sour chicken is tasty too! The tangy, juicy fried chicken is drenched in a syrup-like sauce filled with lemony sweet flavours. The addition of cut bell peppers and onions adds some freshness to this dish.

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