Located in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Restoran B.B.Q. sports a rather ancient  no-frill looking storefront that will bring about a reminiscence of the coffee shops of old. Nevertheless, this place constantly frequented mainly by the locals in need for a quick fix of hearty meaty meals.

In terms of its food fare, Restoran B.B.Q. is quite the dab hand when it comes to doling out scrumptious servings of roasted chicken, duck and pork along with fragrant rice or with wantan mee. Yes, wantan mee. As if the freshly made egg noodles accompanied by succulent pork dumplings are not enough on its own, Restoran B.B.Q. had to pull it up a notch by bringing in the roasted fare of chicken, duck and pork as well. Talk about best out of both worlds. 

In essence, the skills honed upon years of running the establishment has proven to be the major factor in bringing out the best of their roasted fares. The chicken is nothing short of brilliant with a glorious golden brown coloration derived from the roasting process. Crispy skin on the outside, yet white and tender on the insides, the juiciness are all retained within the poultry. As for their roasted ducks, the meat unearthed within are slightly leaner than its chicken counterpart, entailing a chewier texture but nevertheless a decadent experience in its own right. The pork is -needless to say; good enough to stand alone on its own. Crispy skin along with lean pork meat layered with fragrant fats, the dish is definitely an appetite booster.

And if roasted pork is not your game for the day, opt for their delicious pork char siew instead. Glazed in sweet barbecue sauce which caramelises wonderfully on the outside, the char siew comprises of both lean and fatty layers, a perfect depiction of good char siew.

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