Suddenly craving for dim sums in the middle of the night? Restaurant Fu Lai has your back. Open from as early as six in the morning until as late as two, you are able to indulge a variety of dim sum as well as other Chinese food to get you through both day and night at Fu Lai. The interior of the restaurant is simply furnished with aplenty of plastic chairs and tables as most typical Chinese restaurants would acquire since the restaurant is always filled with patrons and with their neon lighted restaurant board, you will never miss it.

Specializing in preparing fresh dim sum, Fu Lai offers a variety of steamed and fried dim sum along with other dishes. There are naturally two preparations of dim sum which are the normal dim sum served in petite metal plates as well as premium dim sum served in the usual dim sum baskets. If you are having a hard time choosing, have a go on one of their must-try dim sum dishes such as Tofu Pork dumplings, Century Egg dumplings, Siu Mai, Lo Mai Kai and from their range of premium dim sum, Bacon Pork dumplings, Fish Maw dumplings among many others.

If you are looking forward to more than just dim sum, patrons’ favourites such as the Salad Prawn, Chicken Porridge as well as Chee Cheong Fun and Char Siew Bao are also available to suit everyone’s savoury palate. On the sweeter side there is the steamed custard buns filled with creamy custard. Lastly, a pot of Chinese tea is perfect to refreshing and cleansing your palate.