Tucked itself in the heart of Solaris Mont Kiara, Pretz n’ Beanz Cafe is well known among Bangsar-ians and the name itself is no stranger to some of us. This popular cafe incredibly offers freshly baked homemade pretzels and freshly brewed coffee to have it with. To think that not many places around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area that serves freshly made pretzels, Pretz n’ Beans comes to the rescue with its establishment. Scrumptious looking pretzels and freshly brewed cup of coffee are what this cafe intend to put forth and they have succeeded in doing so. Intriguingly the pretzels come in different form and flavours with a twist of imagination forming in them.

Starting from the familiar basic pretzel whether be it plain or flavoured, one of the must-haves is the Basil Cheese Pretzel that is nicely coated with mozzarella cheese, dry basil leaf, and sea salt. Sounds delectable enough? Wait until you try their in-house exclusive pretzel such as Pretz n’ Beanz Filled Pretzel for instance Cheesy Chilli Chicken Pretzel where the baked dough is filled with chicken meat, chilli, and mozzarella cheese that will sweep your feet away after the first bite is taken.

In 2015, Pretz n' Beanz has taken a step ahead by introducing its prize winner work of art called pretza, and yes it is a combination of pretzel and the all time favourite pizza. Pretz n’ Beanz also holds pride in their coffee blends that originated from Mexico, Sumatra, Sidamo, and Guatemala that is rich in flavour and nutty fragrance – a cup of one would be perfect to be paired with any of their pretzels. This cafe does not forget to cater for heavier meals as well ranging from varieties of waffles and all day breakfasts to their special Pretz n’ Stew  dish. In short, Pretz n’ Beanz truly is a gem that cannot be passed on. 

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