Penang has its very own badge of honour when it comes to food. But since you can't visit Penang, we decide to try to bring Penang to you. Now all you lovely folks can dabao or just order for delivery lah. 

Penang Corner Kepong has been around for a long time and they're located in the easily accessible Jalan Besar Kepong Baru in the heart of Kepong. 

Most famous for their Penang White Curry Mee, it's with confidence when we tell you that they have generated a lot of buzz over the years. 

Apart from tasting amazing, they're absolutely generous with the ingredients like pork blood cubes and cockles. On top of that, the sambal in the curry is flavourful and blends very gracefully with the broth. 

On the weekends you'll be able to try their Penang Prawn Mee (aka Penang Hokkien Mee). 

The prawn mee comes with just enough tinge of spiciness for you to enjoy the rich broth which is just perfect. 

Another dish Penang is popular for is their kuey teow th'ng (kuey teow soup) which is filled with rich, flavourful broth. It's perfect for days when you're opting for non-spicy noodles.

On days that you're looking for lighter options of food selection, Penang Corner also has Penang loh bak and chee cheong fun. Firstly, the loh bak looks like they were deep-fried to perfection with those golden skin. Taste-wise, extremely tender and fragrant on the inside. You won't stop at just one. 

As for the chee cheong fun, it comes with prawn paste, making the dish more fragrant with an added kick. Each rice roll is smooth and a little springy which is how we love it! 

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