Even though Kuala Lumpur boasts an impressive amount of authentic fine dining sushi restaurants. Oribe Sushi has proven itself to be the best amongst the bunch as they continue to impress with their state of the art sushi.

Long time regulars at Sushi Hinata once wondered about the whereabouts of chef Oritsuki after leaving behind his post at the restaurant. In search of the once fresh and delicate taste by Sushi Hinata, people were delighted to hear about the opening of Oribe Sushi headed by chef Ori himself.  

Tucked away in a residential building in the heart of KL, Oribe offers the best fine dining sushi restaurant in the area as they uses a selection of high quality seafood flown in from Japan in order to provide guests with the ultimate and unforgettable omakase experience.

The menu consists of sets crafted by a specific chef of your choosing but the star of the show of course comes from head chef Ori himself. Oribe also boasts a seasonal special omakase for an exquisite taste which of course comes with a price tag to compare!

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