Netverk Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Located at the Ground Floor of Oval Damansara, NetVerk is a restaurant unlike anything we’ve ever tried. Their ambiance and restaurant setting is what makes them unique. In the restaurant itself they have a bar but they are a Chinese restaurant. How cool is that? It’s a perfect place for you to have birthday parties, business meetings or even just to spend some quality time with friends and family while indulging in their signature bites and also sipping on some cocktails. 

There’s so much to eat here at Netverk, but the one thing you need to try is the “Mala Combo”. It’s a combination of Chilled Silken Tofu, Mala Lotus and Mala Century Egg that will surely bring intense numbness and leave a burning sensation in your mouth. 

There’s nothing more perfect than a plate of “Sambal Petai Udang Fried Rice”. There is no need for us to explain what this dish is about. The name says it all. To be honest, this has got to be one of the most fragrant fried rice we’ve ever had. The strong petai taste compliments the juicy and well-seasoned prawns, and the additional hint of spiciness from the sambal adds so much more flavor to the entire dish. 

Moving on, we had NetVerk’s signature “Melt in mouth - Chicken Feet”. If you love dim sum and especially the braised chicken feet, this is exactly what it tastes like but more fancy and delicious. The saying “melt in mouth” is very true. The meat and skin from the chicken feet just falls off the bone so easily as it in cooked for hours in their secret sauce. A definite must have. 

Where are you seafood lovers at? Another must try dish is the “Signature Siham”. The spiciness of the fresh blended chili sauce enhances the acquired taste that comes from the siham which is known as cockles.

Superior Lala Soup is a nourishing Chinese style soup with clams and lots of ginger. This soup is absolutely delightful and very delicious. What makes this dish so addictive is the freshness of the clams plus the spicy kick from the cili padi and ginger. 

The iberico baby lamb rib is meaty, tangy and very tender grilled to ultimate perfection, well-seasoned with sea salt and laid on a bed of grilled mushrooms. The ribs are intensely flavorful, succulent and moist right up to the bone.

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