Did you ever watch Western movies where there are American football or baseball matches going on? In the movie, there are scenes during the game and you can always spot a guy selling hot dogs on the stands. We have all wanted to try one of those but there are non available in Malaysia. However, in 2014, the ‘New York Original’ is finally here in Malaysia! A restaurant called Nathan’s Famous selling authentic high quality hotdogs started their operation in IOI City Mall just opposite the ice rink. This restaurant was founded by Polish immigrants, husband and wife Nathan and Ida Handwerker who started their business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York, selling high quality hot dogs seasoned with Ida’s family secret spice recipe. Now, Nathan’s Famous is proudly served in Malaysia.


The shop lot is filled with dark brown booth sittings along with some red and yellow chairs that goes well with the brand colour theme. On one side of the wall, you can spot interesting drawings of Coney Island Theme Park with Nathan’s Famous restaurant on the side. Moving on to the food, the most popular items at Nathan’s is obviously the hot dogs selections, cheesesteak, fries, and lemonade – all time classic American foods. If you like something simple, the chili cheese hotdog would be the perfect choice. A simple hot god topped with generous amount of delicious chili cheese topping.


The cheesesteak on the other hand is packed with roast beef slices, mushrooms, peppers, sautéed onions, and cheese. The perfect East Coast signature dish. As for the chilli cheese fries, you will get addicted to the crunchy crinkle cut fries topped with beef chili and a large amount of cheese sauce. Definitely one of the must-try item at this parlour. For now, you just probably want to thank Nathan and Ida for giving hot dog lovers a chance to live and eat delicious authentic hot dogs happily ever after. ​