Tucked inside the hustle and bustle of the newly opened Nu Sentral, The Milkshake Factory sits itself as one of the few places inside this shopping complex that offers scrumptious looking milkshakes ranging from flavour to another. 

This Milkshake Factory joint is rather playful with the settings of the place where the colour red stood out the most among the littlest chocolate bar figurines lining up on the counter top.  Perhaps a shack would be befitting the name as this petite joint has one table leaning against the counter top to cater for 4 people at a time and yet throngs of people can be seen lining up to get their crave for milkshake fix here of which that says a lot about the deliciousness that they serve. The gentleman manning this place is Mr Sunny that has been in the business for quite some time now where he himself is an avid fun of the succulent looking milkshakes.

The name itself is a dead giveaway to the speciality that they offer here, where a selection of milkshakes can be infused with anything that is edible, really from sweets to chocolate bars such as kinder buenotoblerone and even oreosSo, calorie counters out there, there is a place in town that will make your legs tremble from all the sweetness that they are offering, of which perhaps you might want to consider your lifestyle choice of counting calories on every single dish there is.

Interestingly and perhaps a good news for movie lovers too, Milkshake Factory at Nu Sentral gives off an interesting offer for patrons of GSC cinema that is located next to it - for this sole reason, it is mere impossible not to make a trip here!