Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro Medan Damansara

Want to have a night out with your buddies? Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro could just be the place for you. An award-winning bistro and lounge, could definitely just be the perfect place to chill or hang out with live performances. Located in a cleanly renovated double-storey building, with the dining area and bistro on the ground floor and the bar lounge on the first floor, whichever your buddies and you want to hit first, the soothing atmosphere and friendly staff would be there to assist you every step of the way; whatever state you happen to find yourself in.

Big breakfast sets as well as tapas are available here. During lunch, you can find a number of promotions that is available with food and a reasonably matched soothing drink. As for dinner, your meal would be taken care of by passionate and talented individuals. Just drop in your order through the assistance of the friendly waiters around. Ingredients used in your food is grown naturally and locally with careful attention. As for the menu, it is constantly evolving and changing for the better to satisfy the many appetites that rivals are doing. 

For the past few years, the lounge here has always stood out with contemporary mainstream music and jazz plays which is available for your listening pleasure every Friday and Saturday night with many different local and international artists. Musical content at the lounge is carefully organised and planned by leading jazz pianist Michael Veerapen ensures exciting and admirable performances every time. So if you and your buddies do happen to find yourselves looking for a place, do not hesitate to stop by Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro.  


Operating Hour

Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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