Step away from the scene of Western cuisine and steaks, Asian food and local appetites, and step towards a path towards Spanish food. So, when a person mentions to you Spanish cuisine, usually what pop up in that mind of yours? Tapas or typical Spanish street food? Here in Malaysia, western cuisine is not many would eat on a regular basis. Spanish cuisine, probably rarer. 

Usually when it comes to these cuisines, many locals would have them specifically during special occasions, for some examples, a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary, a company dinner, and many more. With all that comes, friendly chit chat among best buddies and girlfriends or a simple bonding time between a young couple. Located in the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur (not really), but in Bangsar, this restaurant is what one would call a step above the rest. 

With experienced personnel running the shop, what more can be ask from it. Executive Chef David Caral, originally from Barcelona, has an extensive experience worldwide from working in the most prestigious restaurants in the world and aims to bring to the local community his local community’s traditional recipes with a contemporary touch while maintaining traditional flavours. A place like this demands for some good service. 

And lucky for you they do not provide good service but excellent service. With friendly staff, making sure you are satisfied from the entrance, to your menu and to even the smallest things, like making sure your glass is never empty. Ambience-wise, the restaurant sports a warm and cosy yet simple and spacious décor to ensure you get the most memorable experience.