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Mercado Food Marketplace is a Mexican food brand created by Chef Arif “Gonzales. The brand mission has always been bringing healthy yet tasty “halal” Meso-American dishes to Malaysians based on his decades of food experience in the USA and Mexico as inspired by Julia Child, Rick Bayless, Zarela Martinez, Ana Garcia and other chefs. If your craving for Mexican food gets too strong, they are available for order and delivery in the link above! They are sure to fill you up with their delicious tacos and other variety of Mexican delicacies.

It has always been their dream when patrons desire Mexican foods, they can easily enjoy them at Mercado Food Marketplace. Chef Arif was also the brainchild behind Sombrero© at Bukit Jelutong which was opened in 2012. Sombrero has been blessed by the unwavering support from their foodie community for the past decade!

Their passion with Mexican cuisines is not simply by creating look-alike Mexican dishes but by going the length to employ Mexican ingredients and spices to re-create authentic Mexican dishes (to our level best being in Malaysia) the like of asada, adovada, machaca, tinga, barbacoa, verde, mole and many more to be used in their menu. For you all desiring Mexican food, Sombrero is definitely the place to go.

They even produce their own authentic sauce, Pikantei. Sombrero© has been producing its own brand of authentic named Pikantei©, all-natural Mexican hot sauces since 2017 without adding any preservatives, conditioners or colorings by employing proprietary cooking and bottling techniques. These sauces are being sold at various hypermarkets since 2018. In the late 2019, they started exporting some of the sauces to USA after Chef Arif was featured in Vulcan Post and then in MSN Lifestyle. These sauces are being used for many of their food items, especially in our carne asada (fire-grilled) dishes.

This is an example of a 1/4 roasted chicken seasoned with their signature Pikantei and it just looks amazing.

Additionally, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they've launched a food-marketplace, Mercado to serve you with Mexican groceries and Mexican-style street food, like many of those he experienced in Mexico. 

The family of Sombrero© and Mercado© thank you for your continual support of our foods and our passion. Looking forward to 2022, they are already offering Mercado© F&B licensing throughout Klang Valley to further bring good Mexican foods and its colourful culture to wider Malaysia patrons.

You can also find them at Bukit Jelutong:

SOMBRERO @ Bukit Jelutong:
No. UG-48,
Level 1, Radia Commercial
Persiaran Arked, Seksyen U8

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