Known for being one of the oldest majestic Chinese restaurants in the streets of Raja Chulan, the restaurant dates back to 1980 which is founded by Dato’ Lim Foo Yong along with his long years of hands-on experience as hotelier and restaurateur. Bringing you authentic fine Chinese cuisine, Marco Polo incorporates traditional Cantonese items as well as from other provinces. The restaurant houses the main hall which is elegant and perfect for a wedding, a Venetian room and private room suitable for smaller groups. The ceiling holds up beautiful chandeliers as to add sophistication and elegance.

Marco Polo restaurant offers Sunday buffet lunch for only a mere RM48+ per pax (adult). Patrons are given the delight to indulge on their salmon sashimi, Chinese selections, local favourites, desserts and of course dim sum. Ala carte dim sum is also available daily for brunch until lunch ends. Have a go on their wide selection of delectable dim sum of Taro dumplings, Har Kow dumplings and the traditional Siew Mai dumplings just to name a few.

Besides dim sum, one will find joy in a variety of Marco Polo’s chef signature such as Creamy Curry Prawns, Seafood Soup in Pumkin, Lamb Rip Chop, Kung Fu Fried Rice and Mongolian Pork Ribs. Roast Suckling Pig and Peking duck are also available to your heart’s desires along with wide range of seafood from abalone to shark’s fin. Vegetarian dishes are also available.

Before you leave, try Marco Polo’s signature dessert which is the Double-boiled Bird’s Nest made with red dates in rock sugar and can be served hot or cold. Other delectable desserts such as Double-boiled Chinese pear, Chinese pancake and Mango combo are available. A selection of wine and other beverages are also available to complete your meal.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Every day

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