There is a saying that mothers make the best meals. This may true is some cases and not in others. However, patrons can be rest assured that the food served in Mama Love Restaurant is top notch. Famed for its Pork Noodles, customers are flocking to the restaurant from places as far as Shah Alam. Nestled among rows of shop houses in Cheras, the shop lot is relatively easy to find with its red signboard. It is rumoured that they started out as a humble hawker stall and moved to a newer, bigger outlet thanks to the support from customers.

The interior of the shop is simple and comfortable with wooden tables and plastic chairs. Open aired, there are numerous wall and ceiling fans that will cool patrons down from the blazing Malaysian heat.

There are two varieties of the famous pork noodle: soup and dry. The soup variety comes with the noodles soaked in their special broth which is aromatic and devoid of any unpleasant pork smell. It comes with a generous amount of pork innards, pork slices, pork meatball and minced pork. The pork innards are crunchy and appetizing while the pork slices is sweet and tender. The pork meatballs go perfectly with the soup and the minced pork adds to the total flavor. For the dry variety, the broth and condiments come in a separate bowl while the noodles are stir fried in a generous amount of black soy sauce. The rendered lard that comes in a small bowl is fragrant and crunchy, with an unlimited amount of refills available.


Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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