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Malay, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Western delights. That is what you can find here at Latest Recipe. So if you ever find yourself in a confusing situation or simply unable to come to an agreement of where and what to eat with your partner, bring yourselves here. The wide range of Asian cuisines will definitely be that “make up your mind” point in an argument. And the buffets featuring wide ranges of cuisines as well will surely satisfy the wildest of appetites (or ambitious). Anyway, best to bring along more people because coming alone or with just one person is not really all that worth it for some, because after all, the more the merrier.

Situated in the awesome Le Meridien hotel in Kuala Lumpur, you would expect this restaurant to be awesome as well. A step above the rest, or in other words, premium level restaurant, one can expect awesomeness everywhere. Well, actually, class and elegance with a touch of awesomeness is the right way to put it. The ambience of this restaurant is something like a fine dining restaurant but smart casual attires gives this place a comfortable, cosy and elegant feel. In terms of service, extremely friendly staff, all eager and well - groomed runs the equally willing restaurant.

From front door greetings to an usher to your table, this restaurant’s service can definitely tick the boxes. In terms of food, do give their sashimi a go. It definitely redefines your knowledge of freshly cut and high quality pieces of meat to a whole new level. Also, their delicious nicely cooked brown waffles is best served with healthiness. 

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