For a plate of fluffy textured Roti Canai, Malaysians would usually look for it at any common Mamak restaurant. But to find authentic Malay Roti Canai apparently is a bit of a hard work. Especially when Mamak restaurants are blooming due to the demand, you wouldn’t really put the effort to search but just settle with the one nearby. Located in Pantai Dalam, Lan Roti Canai is well-known among those who are in the area. Its popularity maintained up til today since when they started the business over 30 years ago. Many would purposely come here just to have a taste of their fluffy Roti Canai and thick Dhall. Therefore, a queue is definitely expected but it’s just a matter of the length of it.

Here in Lan Roti Canai, a semi-self-service operating system is applied. Since they found out that the customer’s demand for Roti Canai is exceptionally high, customers are expected to grab their own Roti Canai and scoop their own Dhall. The good thing about this is that you could take as much as you favor. But of course, there are other things that you can order and the friendly staffs there are always ready to take your order.

Judging at the demand of their Roti Canai, you would know that it is the to-go item when you visit Lan Roti Canai. Lan is known for serving soft and almost non-greasy Roti Canai, it is recommended that you soak your Roti Canai into their thick Dhall that is seasoned perfectly to get a better experience. You could also go for their Roti Telur for some extra texture but you wouldn’t want to miss their Roti Tampal Goyang.

Too bad good things always comes with a price as parking could be a hassle around here, so you may want to take a brisk walk.