Whether it is to wake you up in the morning, comfort your tummy in the afternoon or to end your day perfectly, you could always count on Wantan Mee, a signature street food in Malaysia. Koon Kee Wantan Mee is nestled in Petaling Street, also known as the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. They started operating in 1942 and is now run by the third generation. Their noodles definitely have that traditional authentic Chinese flavour to it. Operated from a shed, their interior consists of old school steel tables and chairs, which bring about a nostalgic atmosphere coupled with the Malaysian heat and the rattling celling fans.

You must definitely try their Signature Wantan Mee, which consists of noodles, sliced char siew and two wantans in a bowl of soup. Bathed in soy sauce and sesame oil, the noodles are springy and perfectly cooked. Apparently, they are freshly handmade every day. The wantans are flavourful and come in pork or prawn fillings. Roasted over fire the traditional way, the char siew is tender with its fats melting in your mouth. If you are looking for something milder, go for their Wantan Noodle Soup with Chicken. It is a healthy and less oily choice with chicken shreds and green vegetables accompanying the noodle. Garnish your meal with green chili pickles for a spicy and sour twist.

They are extremely punctual, opening at 10am sharp every morning and pulling the blinds at exactly 10pm every night. Table sharing is common as there are less than 10 tables and often a large crowd.