Eat all you can has always been a temptation to everyone but we do have a perception of buffets using low quality ingredients. Fear not, Kilo Grill which is located in Publika is known for serving premium ingredients which are grilled using charcoal grill to elevate the taste of the fresh ingredients. The interior of Kilo Grill has a very industrial ambience with cement floors and exposed vents on the ceiling. The dining tables and chairs are organized accordingly in two rolls surrounding a sushi belt that features all of their buffet items on it for the convenience of the customers. This “eat all you can” buffet has no time limit so you can take your own sweet time to try out all the wonders available on the belt.

Kilo Grill is known for their best ingredients which ranges from Aussie beef and pork jowls to Iberico pork, Irish oysters and Argentinian sea prawns, but these premium ingredients are only available on their a la carte menu. If you are not in the mood for a eat all you can meal, definitely give their a la carte menu a try.

Otherwise, you can also try out the ingredients offered for the BBQ buffet that has a broad selection of ingredients such as pork, seafood, marinated chicken and others which quality is also up to standard. Their pork cuts such as bacon, pork jowl, pork loin and pork belly are highly recommended by the house. But if you are not up for that, you should definitely try out their tiger prawns, scallops and oysters which are also a popular item on the menu.

All in all, Kilo Grill will be one of the places that you would want to include in your list of “Must Try BBQ Buffets” which would be perfect for a dinner gathering with friends.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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