Between the perpetual hustle and bustle of Salak South; lie gems that are thought to be gone in the golden days; replaced by concrete skyscrapers and tarmac roads. It is no surprise that the urban scene seems to be changing the landscape and together its sentiments, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With increased accessibility nowadays, it is glad to know that a humble coffee shop is still in the midst of business and is still going strong with some perennial delights. 

Kedai Kopi Tian Hong is still the talk that pops up in occasion conversations, with regards to its unmatched Char Siew and Siu Yok. The coffee shop is also very well known for the generations it has passed down, when an uncommon sight involves the retired pioneer chopping down on some crackling and caramelized pork. 

All the ingredients and main dishes are also prepared daily in the shop itself, to ensure a minimal margin for the flavours and textures to become less than great. Thus explaining the early crowds that step foot into the shop before opening hours, to secure a good seat and portions of heavenly meat. 

Apart from the food, Tian Hong also truly remains a coffee shop with a standard that never cease to decline, ensuring current fans and future customers a great and nostalgic experience- with loud clinging plates and cutlery; echoing calls for orders; and of course the rhythmic and wonderful sound of the chopping board.