Kanbe Japanese Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

No 1 Best Japanese Ramen Shop In KL - Kanbe Japanese  Restaurant  

An Authentic Ramen Shop With 7 Choices Of Broth 

Let yourself be transported to Japan with a bowl of thick, rich ramen from Kanbe  Japanese Restaurant. Our pick for No 1 Best Japanese Ramen Shop in KL 

Kanbe Japanese Restaurant is located in 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara. The moment you walk through the entrance past the red Noren (Japanese curtain), your nose will be greeted with the thick aroma of Japanese ramen. The interior of this ramen joint will immediately make you feel like you have just landed in the land of the rising sun.  

The busy yet organised preparation of the noodles can be seen as the open kitchen give the customers a glimpse of how their ramen bowls are being prepared. This 60 pax  restaurant seems to have people lining up outside even at the usual non-peak hour (3pm  onwards) when the Foodadvisor team came to savour this Japanese dish that’s popular  throughout the globe 

The restaurant itself opens its door in the middle of February 2021 and has since become a very popular spot. Thanks to the chef and owner who comes from Tokyo, the restaurant offers 7 types of broth to accompany their noodles. The owner and chef of the restaurant,  Chef Masayuki Igarashi has been in the industry for 15 years collecting experiences and learning the best way to serve the perfect bowl to his customer. 

Chef Masayuki has been in Malaysia for 7 years before he decided to open up Kanbe and  bring his signature dishes for Malaysians to enjoy 

Let’s talk about the specialty of this restaurant that makes it the best ramen that we have tried. The broth of the ramen 

Shiro - The pure pork bone broth that is the pride of Kanbe 

The taste of this soup is soo rich and thick with flavour and you can taste the essence of  the pork bone as you sip the soup. It is what the restaurant recommends for first timers  as they are confident that you would want to come back for more once you have tasted  this soup 

Aka - For the exciting flavour seeker  

Aka is a pork bone soup that is not just pure umami, it also a little spicy as it is flavoured  with several types of spices and vegetables 

Kurobe - The elegant comfort  

Kurobe, much like the colour black, this soup is an elegant experience and has a calming taste. It is jet black in colour because of the luxurious squid ink that is use to cook this  soup, it is also mixed with charred garlic and vegetables giving it a rich taste 

Kohaku - The surf and turf of Kanbe  

Kohakube can be described as Kanbe’s version of surf and turf in a bowl. The pork bone-based broth is then mixed with seafood essentials in Japanese cuisine such as dried bonito,  dried mackerel and dried sardines 

Sakura - For the prawn lover  

Sakurabe broth is heavily scented with Ebi prawn. It is fragranced with flavour oil  extracted from the prawn and the rich taste from the stock that is a result of using whole  ebi prawn 

Yuzu - The refreshing summer taste  

Yuzube is refreshing with the citrusy sweet fragrant and taste that makes you feel refresh  much like a shower after a long day of work 

Goma - Roasted sesame taste in a bowl 

Gomabe is described as “life-filled-taste” with a hint of nutty flavour. This soup is made  with roasted sesame based and garnish with chilli-sesame oil 

Our personal favourite goes to Shiro and Sakura. Shiro is rich and fulfilling and does make us feel like we should go back for more, whereas sakurabe smells amazing. It is not too heavy and yet not too light giving us satisfaction and happiness when we slurp on it. 

We will also give our salute to the beautifully done chasu that has since filled our dreams with the craving of this perfectly cooked pork. It is tender and rich in porky flavour. The chef marinates the pork overnight in a soy sauce base and it is then roasted to perfection.  Each of the bites we took was tender, moist and bursting with flavour. Rightfully taking its  spot, as a companion to the best ramen in KL 

We could go on and on about how enjoyable the experience in Kanbe has been for us,  like the way the restaurant interior is or how the condiments suit the ramen perfectly or how the appetiser keeps us wanting more. But if there’s something we would like to share,  it is to recommend this ramen shop to our readers. 

Do not be intimidated by Kanbe’s authentic Japanese ramen, especially if you are a first-timer to the restaurant. You will be greeted by the friendly operator and on the table, there  will be a bright yellow piece of paper that will explain how to order and savour the  noodles (and it will also include a fun specific direction for you to take photo of the ramen  for memories) 

Enjoy the ramen experience and be tantalised with Kanbe’s ability to awaken your senses